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How to get children reading more: Have fun with books this spring!

Published: 10th July 2023
Updated: 14th June 2024

How to get children reading more: Have fun with books this spring!

Not all of us find it easy to stick to a book, including our children. Sometimes when our children are reading, they could get distracted – even if they’re reading a really good book!

We asked Lauren Whateley from the Bookmark Reading Charity for some ways to mix up your children’s reading, making it more fun – and helping your children to become better readers. Here’s some of her top tips:

Make reading fun

Play games and have fun with reading, whether you are at home or out and about. Try playing ‘eye-spy’ with words, use drama to pretend to be characters and read in silly voices! You could even put on a puppet show and retell your favourite story.

Use the TV

Turn the subtitles on whilst watching TV so you can read along. Alternatively, you could also mute the TV and make up a story, based on what you think the characters are saying and doing. You could even compare your story with what actually happened in the episode later.

Child holding TV remote control whilst an older woman is looking into a tablet next to him

Take part in a reading scavenger hunt

Reading is everywhere! Create a list of all the times you might have to read something on a grid or checklist. You could include books, recipes, menus, shopping lists, comics, the internet, magazines, newspapers and even road signs. Then, when you see one of them, tick it off your list!

Create a special place to read

Have a special spot to read! It could be a blanket fort, a place somewhere outside or just a ‘reading chair’. It can be used to read on your own or with other people.

An older woman reading alongside a younger girl whilst she holds a flashlight

Find a book of your favourite film

If you’ve got a favourite film, see if you can find a book version. It might have some surprising differences!

Listen to audio books

If you’re making a long journey, why not listen to an audiobook on the way? You might end up listening to your new favourite story!

A young girl holding a tablet whilst she is wearing headphones in a car

Visit a library

Find out where your local library is and visit it together. Take part in a reading challenge, and get recommendations from expert librarians on what to read – just ask for a book about something you’re interested in.

Read First News 

What better way is there to keep up-to-date with the world and have fun while you do it!

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