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Scooter safety for kids: Ready, steady SCOOT!

Published: 4th September 2023
Updated: 14th June 2024

Scooter safety for kids: Ready, steady SCOOT!

Your new wheels have arrived and you’re keen to get scooting. However, before you jump on and push off, there are some things you and your family should know to stay safe on your scooter whilst going on adventures.

Here are our top five safe scooting tips for kids, follow these and become a scooting champion in no time. Alternatively, download the reward chart from Micro Scooters to tick off your safe scooting achievements and earn stars as you go. You can find it by clicking here.

1. Rule the road but first, wear the crown.

Number one top tip. All riders should wear a helmet to stay as safe as they can. Ensuring that yours is a good fit is very important, so dig it out and double-check that it is still comfortable. If you need an upgrade, then take a look at the selection of helmets from Micro Scooters. 

2. Practice makes perfect

Don’t be tempted to jump straight into brand-new scooting adventures if you’re not quite ready. You may have recently swapped from a three-wheeled scooter to a two-wheeled scooter, or perhaps you’re giving stunt scooters a go. Either way, you’ll want to have a few practice scoots before fully launching into the extreme. Get up to speed first, go for a slow scoot around the block, and watch your confidence grow tenfold.

3. Keep your eyes peeled

Now you’re ready for some big adventures. When you are out scooting remember to stay vigilant. There are some pesky hazards around that might just throw your scooter off balance. Small sticks, uneven pavements and sometimes clusters of leaves can whip up into the wheels and unbalance even the bravest riders. Keeping your eyes peeled is the best way to weave in and out of these and stay scooting.

4. Slow and steady always wins the race

If you’re a thrill seeker, getting your speed up is tempting, especially when going downhill. However, it isn’t always the best idea; wheels love tarmac and can soon clock up speeds you might not expect. Always check your speed, and cover your foot with the break so you’re ready to slow down if something crosses your path. If you’re feeling a little too whizzy on your scooter, you can use the grass verge to slow you down. The extra friction under the wheels is good for gently coming to a safe stop.

5. Hop on, hop off!

Kerbs can seem fun for perfecting your scooter skills, but it is rarely a good idea. The edges of the pavements, especially in urban areas and outside schools, are very popular with cars looking for parking spaces, and some aren’t always mindful of scooter riders who want to hone their skate park skills. Best to head to the park, where it is safer to practice. When travelling on and off pavements it is also best to get off your scooter and carry it, not ride it. Also take extra care around drains and drain covers, which can be slippery when wet.

Stay safe adventurers. Nothing is more important than children who scoot, scoot safely.

Micro Scooters are designed and built to last for years and tested relentlessly to ensure they are up to the challenge of the toughest scooting adventures. They have a range of scooters for children aged 1 all the way up to adult sizes. You can find their full range at

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