Book Boy Finds Fame

By fnmollyhunt 9th February 2022

Dillon Helbig wrote the 81-page Christmas tale, called The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis, in four days over the Christmas holidays. He then decided he wanted to share it with others.

So, when he next visited his local library in Boise, Idaho, with his grandmother, he took his journal with him and secretly popped it on a shelf in the fiction section.

The one-of-a-kind book – by “Dillon His Self” – is all about Dillon being transported back in time to 1621 to the first Thanksgiving, after his Christmas tree explodes. The book includes lots of illustrations by Dillon.

When librarians were alerted to the book, they were so impressed that they decided to put it in their graphic novel section for readers to enjoy. An incredible 56 people have now joined the library’s waiting list to read it!

Dillon says his success has made him want to be an author, and he already has plans for a sequel that he’s going to call The Jacket-Eating Closet.


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