Special Report

Look Up!

Although many people are distracted by mobile phones, children are the most affected. By the…

The First News Kids Panel

We’re looking for young people across the country to give us feedback on our newspaper. We write and design…

Ukraine – What’s Going On?

Read our explainer on what's going on in Ukraine at the moment, written specifically to help you talk about it with your child.

A Time To Remember – 11 November

In November every year, there are various events to help us remember all of the people who have served their country or died during wars. Here’s our guide to what Remembrance is all about, and why it inspired one First News reader to look into the life of a little-known war hero.

Special Report | Experimental Gardening

Are snails as slippery as you thought? Can your pots hold more than their weight in water? And how can you grow naturally sweet popcorn? To celebrate the launch of the Royal Horticultural Society’s RHS Hilltop – the UK’s home of gardening science – they have set a challenge for First News readers to become their own backyard scientists!