Shout Out For Sharks competition

What is Shout Out For Sharks?

First News has teamed up with Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, a UK charity to launch Shout Out for Sharks. We are on a mission to change the image of sharks and highlight the urgent need for shark and marine conservation.

Read about the campaign in First News to find out more.

The competition

We are launching the SOS: Shout Out For Sharks campaign!

Your challenge is to change people’s thinking about sharks. We want you to create a campaign poster, artwork, poem or something else that you choose to show people why sharks need protecting. It must do ONE or more of the following:

  • Enthral and educate
  • Talk about the threats
  • Ask for action

Posters and artwork will be shared in the campaign gallery on Bite-Back’s website to show your message to a wider audience. Bite-Back will work with First News and other media to get the message of this campaign picked up and talked about. The winner will get a video call with Steve Backshall for their whole class!

Competition deadline: Friday 9 June

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