DO you have a favourite family recipe that you’d like to see in print?

We’d love to hear the recipes that have been passed down through your family. Whether your relatives are from Glasgow or Goa, Truro or Trinidad, we know you’ve all got some delicious delicacies to share! It could be quiche or quesadillas, crumble or curry. We’d love to hear about the mouthwatering treats that your family enjoys, and the stories behind them!

Just send your stories and tasty recipes (including the ingredients and method) to [email protected] and make our mouths drool! If you have a picture of the food and the family member the recipe came from, even better.

As well as being featured in First News, we’ll be linking up with BBC Good Food magazine on Kids’ Kitchen, a series of videos exploring cooking skills, from chopping to pan-frying! The first Kids’ Kitchen will be launched in the May issue of BBC Good Food magazine.