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Secondhand Gifts Poll Results Reveal Fascinating Insight!

Published: 18th December 2023
Updated: 17th January 2024

Secondhand Gifts Poll Results Reveal Fascinating Insight!

Generosity Takes Centre Stage: Survey reveals 67% of 7 to 14-year-olds eagerly embrace secondhand gifts, could this spark a heartwarming shift in Christmas gifting trends?

In response to Black Friday on 24 November, First News asked their readers if they would be happy receiving secondhand gifts this Christmas.

2,423 children responded and a surprising 67% said they would not mind receiving secondhand gifts – which may surprise many, especially their parents!

The poll was to coincide with Buy Nothing Day, also on 24 November, which was set up as a 24-hour detox from shopping and a chance for us to think about the impact we have on the environment through buying stuff.

Nicky Cox MBE, First News Editor in Chief says, “The poll shows how children are willing to do their bit for the planet and their parents’ pockets this Christmas.

The organisers of Buy Nothing Day say we can already see harm to the environment and developing countries from over-buying. They say recycling is great, but reducing is better.

On the subject of recycling, Secondhand Santa is another idea that not only helps the planet but helps our pockets too!

Workplaces, schools, families and friends often organise Secret Santa days when everyone buys a present for one other person in the group. Now, Hubbub, an environmental charity that’s all about inspiring action that’s good for us and the environment, is challenging people all over the country to try Secondhand Santa instead this year, rather than buying new gifts.

Hubbub says we should give and receive pre-loved and homemade gifts, which are more sustainable, more thoughtful, and cheaper too.

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