Save Our Libraries

A SCHOOLGIRL has asked the Prime Minister for a meeting.

First News reader, Jessica Trueman, 9, wants to ask David Cameron what he's going to do to stop libraries being closed down across the country.
In a letter to the Prime Minister, Jessica said: "I love my library and I am not letting you and the council shut it down. I am going to fight for our library! I would like a meeting with you to discuss our problem - whatever time you can do."
But Jessica told First News that Mr Cameron was "too busy to help" and one of his people told her to try writing to one of his Government Ministers, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
So Jessica wrote to Mr Hunt: "Books are special. You can read amazing stories and learn about history and different places in the world. I use two libraries to help me with my homework and both are being shut down. I hope you understand that you are making a big mistake. I won't let this drop so please sort it out."


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