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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

the statue in liberation square

Liberation Day!

By eke (Age 17)

Hi, I live in Jersey which was occupied by the Germans in WW2 and on Wednesday there is a bank holiday because it is Liberation day! I am so happy because get a day off school!

Here is some information about it:

-In WW2 Jersey was occupied by the Germans.

-There were many new laws such as not being able to use radio's (although most people had a secret radio) and all motor cars were to be used by the Germans. Towards the end of the war you were not allowed on the beach

-There were strict curfews

-Electricity was limited

-No one was allowed off the island or they would be sent to concentration camps

-It was a very strict rule that all weapons were to be handed in.

-Food supplies were so low that animals often went missing from homes as the german troops had eaten them! :(

-Jersey was finally liberated on the 9th May 1945 - a few days after Hitler committed suiciude.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Jersey Occupation!

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  • smokeyice (Age 17) wrote on Wednesday, 9 May 2012 @ 17:17

    awesome! really intesting! lucky you get the day off scol

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